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Best Local Comedian Houston 2008 - Sarah Tollemache

Readers' Choice: Jacinto

We're giving Sarah Tollemache top honors this year despite her recent move to New York. The comedian spent a better part of the year here and was even featured on the Houston edition of Last Comic Standing's season six. Tollemache amassed more laughs around town in less than a year than most joke-slingers would in two. Whether she's flying solo or part of an improv comedy troupe, she manages to give the audience fits. Thanks to some investigating (read: MySpace stalking), we know her family still lives in Houston, so we're guessing — and hoping — she'll drop back in sooner than later to wax hysterical about video games, sharing porno with her boyfriend and cheap prosthetic limbs. But don't be surprised if you see her before then on Letterman or Conan.

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Cedric Tollemache
Cedric Tollemache

As her Dad I can say that we are are all immensely proud and excited by Sarah's growing reputation as a woman comic--- a fairly rare breed. She has worked hard and long at her craft. Maybe after 10 years or so at it already she will soon be an "overnight success". Her roots are and will remain solidly in Houston where she has lived almost all her life. She is a graduate of Kingwood High and The Houston Art Institute plus some College time at UCLA and local Community Colleges. We would love to see her featured on Leno, Letterman, Conan etc. It is a simple a fact of life that to succeed in Entetainment you need to go to LA or NYC for breaks.