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Best Mechanic Houston 2008 - David Dodd, scooter ­mechanic, Apollo ­Scooters

David Dodd, scooter ­mechanic, Apollo ­Scooters

David Dodd, scooter ­mechanic, Apollo ­Scooters

2103 Gray Street

Houston, TX 77003


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Scooters are the rage. The little buggers get 85 to 100 miles per gallon and may even be a little hip. Matthew Creed, owner of Apollo Scooters, sold about 100 of them last year. He sold 85 last month. But if you buy, you'll need a good scooter mechanic. Apollo Scooters has an entire garage, which looks like a NASCAR pit, devoted to repairing scooters. David Dodd, the shop's head mechanic, spent 20 years working on jet engines for Continental Airlines. Apollo mainly sells Aprilia, Argo and Kymco scooters, but even if you didn't buy at Apollo, Dodd will fix it. Got a Honda Elite that's been gathering dust since 1987? Dodd will make it purr. Apollo also sells and services Segways, so look him up if that's the way you roll.

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Hi all,I purchased Aprilia Sportcity from Matt more than 6 months back. The very next day the blinkers on the right side melted because of hot exhaust fumes. I went back to him and he told me that it happens and there is a kit that he can install. Multiple trips and phone calls resulted in nothing. He said he will call me but he never called.I then contacted Aprilia in August who told me he should have never sold it to me in the first place as installation of the kit is a requirement. They then ordered the kit and I got a call from Matt for the first time. He told me he will give me a call when he receives it.I kept calling every other week. Never heard from him. 3-4 weeks back he said he got the kit and I can come any time to get my scooter fixed.I went in 2 weeks back and he told me he got the kit but doesnt have blinkers and that the blinkers have been ordered. I left the scooter and went back a week later. He then told me that the blinkers did not arrive because of the bad weather and that he can show me the order number. I asked him to show it to me. He then made another random excuse of not having the order number. Guys, my scooter is still with him. I may never get my scooter back. I just talked to a customer service agent at Aprilia and they said they will try to help me.Please dont do business with this guy. He talks sweet but I have never seen a bigger liar and a person more irresponsible. I bought scooter from him as he gave a big discount but I made a big mistake. Dont repeat my mistake...