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Best OB-GYN Houston 2008 - Steven D. Meltzer, M.D.

Dr. Meltzer has a wonderful bedside manner. He respects patients' wishes, treating them like humans in charge of their own bodies, which is an amazing thing for a doctor to do. And he does it well, providing emotional and educational support, whether during a time of ladybit crisis or on a joyous occasion, such as birthing a child. While some docs might look at a challenging fertility case and recommend costly and taxing in vitro or adoption or tearing out the plumbing altogether, Steven empowers the patient to make her own choices, providing extensive consultation and upbeat communication.

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Rene Coles
Rene Coles

I would not recommend doc for a dog. I was his patient 2004 in a car wreck with a movers truck;I was pregnant lost a set of twins.Came time for litigation He treated me like dirt! Like one of the actors on Roots, turned his back and wrote a lying report to discredit the wreck did not cause my lost and he was not getting involved. Told me one thing and wrote down something different.This something I'll never forget! He showed me the dead fetus clear on ultra sound pictures it hurts so bad every time I'm reminded. It makes me sick to see him still performing as a DOCTOR! His main nurse is a Witch! My lawyers could not believe such an animal. A wolf in sheep clothing. Beware he is extremely shallow.


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