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Best Oil Change Houston 2008 - CarSpa



2801 Brazos St.

Houston, TX 77006


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CarSpa is a big lube shop/car wash in Midtown, but unlike similar places, CarSpa doesn't have the mall-on-Christmas-Eve parking-lot atmosphere that might make you change your mind before pulling in for a quick oil change. The shop doesn't do appointments, so it's a first-come deal. But the wait shouldn't be longer than an hour. A straight oil change costs $25, and that comes with all the standard fluid, tire and belt checks. The price might be a tad more expensive than at other places, but it includes a free car wash when the oil change is complete. If you roll on dubs, you can get a professional polish for an extra $20.

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If you go read the reviews available online, you will wonder if they paid off HoustonPress for this award. It has scathing reviews all around. They killed my car battery while detailing it by leaving all of the doors open and turning on all of the lights. I had to be jump started by an employee and he said it happens all of the time. He has replaced his battery because of all the jump starts. Management here is horrible; service is reprehensible. Worst business in Midtown award goes to CarSpa.