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Best Pawnshop Houston 2008 - The Wright Pawn & ­Jewelry Co.

Selling your personal property to stall an eviction or buy that extra rock of crack can be a depressing, bewildering decision. There are a million pawnshops in Houston, and most of them emanate an aura of bleakness that makes your whole transaction feel hopeless, whether you're buying or pawning. But Jack and Pamela Wright want everyone to feel confident and comfortable when browsing through their inventory of jewelry, high-end electronics, guitars and more. Their shop has won an award from the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau and is a member of both the national and state associations of pawnbrokers, as well as the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce. Plus, they customize and repair jewelry!

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Really? Do you honestly believe that only people that use a pawn shop are trying to avoid eviction or have a drug habit? That is ridiculous. I know a friend who pawned a very expensive diamond ring in order to pay her employees during a slow week. Get a clue and stop stereotyping.