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Best Pho Houston 2008 - Thien An - CLOSED

Thien An

Thien An

2905 Travis St.

Houston, TX 77002


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What sets one pho apart from another? Quite simply, the broth. The longer it's cooked, the more profound the flavor, and here they start the broths early so that by lunch, they've been simmering for quite a while. Thien An has all of the traditional cuts of beef, steak, brisket, flank steak — both standard and fatty versions — tripe, tendon and, of course, meat balls, which can be added to any of the above at a small cost. All of the meats sit atop thin noodles and come with trimmings like fresh basil, jalapeño and bean sprouts. If you hit this spot at just the right time, your slurping will be drowned out by the slurping of others — so you won't feel embarrassed at all.

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i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks this is the best pho (in midtown anyway). but now i'm afraid it's really, really going to be packed during lunch time.