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Best Place for an After-Work Jog Houston 2008 - Eleanor Tinsley Park

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Eleanor Tinsley Park

500 Allen Parkway

Houston, TX 77002


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Readers' Choice: Memorial Park

As long as you're there before dark, Eleanor Tinsley offers a pleasant tour of Buffalo Bayou with plenty of pleasant scenery and shade. The trail follows the bayou below the theater district, through Buffalo Bayou Art Park, past the new public skatepark and through plenty of tree-filled openings, all with the skyline in the background. The twists and turns allow for a choose-your-own-adventure workout to keep you from seeing the same old thing day after day. But if routine is your style, there are plenty of trails perfect for your short- or long-distance trek. And with so many options, you never have to worry about breaking out of the pack or slowing down the people behind you.

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