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Best Place to Buy Sexy Lingerie Houston 2008 - Erotic Cabaret Boutique

Erotic Cabaret Boutique

Erotic Cabaret Boutique

1222 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006


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If you're like us, buying sexy lingerie isn't an everyday deal, which is why Erotic Cabaret is so appealing. The employees are well versed in the merchandise, but realize it's a taboo experience for some shoppers. Want to know where that thing goes and how, and why your partner will appreciate it? Just ask. But if you're there just to find a perfect pair of thigh-highs or a cute thong, or to browse the selection with no one but your lover in mind, they won't bother you. Thanks, Erotic Cabaret. You make ­shopping for our kinkiest fantasies easier than we are after a few glasses of cheap wine.

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Sexy Lingerie
Sexy Lingerie

You missed one other trend: they are portrayed as slightly more realistic manikins – stiff, unmoving, mindless, emotionless, but ‘living’. Notice that the fembot in the ads for that alcohol you showed recently had more ‘life’ to it than many fashion models exhibit.