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Best Place to Lie Around Drinking Beer Houston 2008 - Valhalla



6100 Main St.

Houston, TX 77005


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If there is a more serene pleasure to be had in this hustling, bustling megalopolis than lolling around on a blanket outside this Rice grad students' bar, watching the clouds rearrange into more and more fantastic shapes high overhead, a cup of some of the cheapest and coldest beer close at hand, we don't know of it. Listen to the wind rustle the nearby live oaks, watch the students stroll to and from their exams and study sessions, let those more full of energy and drive play their Frisbee and football. Just lie back, sip and soak it all in. And when we said the beer was cheap here, we mean it: Lone Star and Shiner Bock are still less than a buck a cup.

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as of this past week, valhalla is closed indefinitely due to a violation of Rice's "dry campus" policy during hurricane ike...bummer :(


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