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Best Place to Meet Single Men Houston 2008 - Downtown Starbucks on West Gray

Here's what you do: Take your wallet out of your purse before walking into this Midtown corporate coffee haven. Once inside, order your drink and dig through your purse. "I think I forgot my wallet," you cry, a damsel in distress. Most likely one of the many good-looking, suited types who frequent the location morning and afternoon will come to your rescue. "Oh, thanks so much," you say with a bat of your lashes. You check his finger for a ring — empty. "Please let me make it up to you. Maybe we can meet here for another cup after work?" Presto. If that doesn't do it, then look no further than behind the counter, because this Starbucks stocks as many cuties clad in green aprons as it does coffee beans. Hey, we hear they have full benefits...

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What kind of stupidity is this? If you pretend you forgot your wallet the men will just think your some cheap gold digging hoe


I am a 20 something, African American female and can honestly say�This is very true. I can�t do anything but smile when I read this post. I am a frequent at this Starbucks location and have had my share of "Let me buy you a cup of coffee's". Let it be known that I�ve often wished I had more time to sit there for hours with my laptop just to watch the options roll in. GREAT PICK! How ironic!!! So far, I�ve sipped my favorite latte with an attorney and pre-med student, and lets not forget the local Metro bus driver!...not bad!