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Best Place to Smoke and Drink Houston 2008 - Tables in Front of La Carafe

Tables in Front of La Carafe

Tables in Front of La Carafe

813 Congress

Houston, TX 77002


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Since the nicotine-loving set has been literally kicked to the curb, those who also enjoy a tipple with their tobacco have been on the lookout for prime public spots in which to indulge their twin vices. While many bars have simply roped off a couple of cheap picnic tables in their parking lot, venerable La Carafe fully cashes in on its prime location. The handful of tables out front offer a prime view of the skyline, and an outside speaker bathes patrons in sweet sounds of the bar's award-winning jukebox. You can scope out the action in Market Square across the street, or just ponder the street you are on — Congress, in late Houston Post columnist Sig Byrd's words, that "old, crowded, tired avenue once so proud, so bright with gaslight and hearty laughter. Sam Houston walked this avenue. So did Mirabeau Lamar, Gail Borden, Audubon, Dick Dowling, and other great ones."

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Paco Morratto
Paco Morratto

It's such a shame the blue nosed busy bodies with their draconian prohibition era nonsense have dumped yet another turd in the punchbowl, blocking La Carafe's plan to expand to the lot next door. Maybe Ms Wenglar could build an elevated bridge across the city's moat, so we can carry our beers with us to the smoking tables.