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Best Pork Chop Houston 2008 - Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

There should be a prize for eating Perry's entire seven-finger pork chop by yourself in one sitting. Really, this is one big cut of meat. Stacked seven fingers thick (hence its name), this pork chop is carved tableside into three large pieces. Served with garlic butter on top and applesauce on the side, the meat is falling-apart tender and wonderfully caramelized. The closer to the bone you get, the sweeter and tastier the mouthfuls become. And nibbling those last bits right off the bone like a gluttonous caveman is definitely encouraged; the dish is served with a damp towel for cleaning your hands when you're finished. Come to think of it, enjoying an entire Perry's pork chop by yourself really is like winning a prize.

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Had this last night, amazing to say the least.