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Best Reflexologist Houston 2008 - Annette Baker at ­Metaphysical Matrix - CLOSED

Annette Baker, the house reflexologist at Metaphysical Matrix, wants to work on infants and babies, but neither is great at paying for services rendered, so she's stuck with the rest of us — whiny adults with grimy, gnarly feet. The Minnesota transplant is not daunted by the hellish Houston weather that forces most of us to wear sandals. "People are worried that they have dirty feet," she says reassuringly. "But that's not the point! It's just generally loving, having someone take care of you." We know the naughty bits of reflexology — for example, the muscle over the inner ankle corresponds to issues with reproductive organs — but Baker notes that most folks seem to have issues with tension in their neck and shoulders, which corresponds to the joint connecting the toes to the rest of the foot. One of Baker's mentors must have worked on her fourth and fifth tiniest toes, because those correspond to the ears — and she's a good and empathic listener.

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How did you find her phone number?

Tammie Brandon
Tammie Brandon

Boy do you guys get this one right!!! Annette is by far the best!! Keep up the good work Annette!!!