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Best Soul Food Houston 2008 - This Is It

This Is It

This Is It

2712 Blodgett

Houston, TX 77004


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Family-owned since its beginning, This Is It Soul Food is all about big, hefty servings of done-right down-home cooking. Back when it opened in 1959, a meal cost 89 cents. It's a bit more these days, but still more than reasonable. Now $10 will get you a plateful of fried catfish, smothered pork chops, barbecue ribs or oxtails and more (specials change daily). You'll also get three heaping servings of greens, mac and cheese, white rice, yams, green beans or chitterlings and hot cornbread. Lunch crowds are big (expect a line between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.), and include business people from downtown, local celebs from the African-American community, blue-­collar workers and just plain old regular hungry folks. When you're in the mood for soul food, This Is It!

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Here is the problem with the place. I'm not doubting it has the centuries long reputation and is the place where the older white big shots go when they want to look like they have black friends- I get that. But you know I want to go for dinner and I get there is there at 7:15 and there is like one tray of leftovers of Oxtail and maybe some Greens in that sauce that is probably #2 on the list after the Bloomin' Onion as the food that will give you the heart attack first and the ladies serving tell me I needed to be there for lunch and they got to go and are real angry and it's me and one Asian kid on the opposite side and this guy who looks like the dude who does the Lester Dummy that was on the Jeffersons passes out like 8 cards for some business and is selling it to me and I want to try some down home and play some old Independent black songs I have never heard that are amongst the best ever or see cool black segments of different stuff on the TV from an ipod and read the black papers- they need to have the black papers around and maybe play some UNO with the brothers or some Dominoes and then they rip me of all my money and all I get is the Asian dude staring at the wall and the angry women shutting the lights on me and like 1/2 a left-over dish and half a side and man the wiggers in town want to expreience the real soul and down home and atmosphere. And when I went before they had the full deal with like the five meat combo which is like 7 meals for normal people and let me tell you there is some serious droppage in the bathroom soul style and the heart attack sauce and the real soulful environment and the kids are real cool and that's all the difference in the world. Man that is a good way to die. And instead I get like 1 oxtail maybe 2 with a little fat inside a bone that breaks my teeth and a little rice and a green bean with that kill you gravy that we all love and the lights turned out on me and I'm told to leave and then this Lester and Tyler guy keeps giving me cards for his business all the time. I didn't even get to see the photo of George Burns standing with the brothers.


Loosen your belts, wear sweats & a bib. The best soul food in town hands my opinion!