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Best Stadium Announcer Houston 2008 - Bob Ford — ­Houston Astros­

One runs out of words to describe the voice of Bob Ford. Deep and booming are just too cliché. But it's fair to say that the Minute Maid Park sound system isn't needed to hear Ford in the deepest of center-field seats. He doesn't cheer. He doesn't shout. He just uses his majestic voice to relay the lineups or the batter. And there's no better sense of being at a baseball game than when Ford welcomes the crowd to Minute Maid Park. He's not just the best stadium announcer in baseball; he's also the best stadium announcer in all of professional sports. Perhaps that's why his voice can be heard on TV spots for the Fox Sports Net affiliates throughout the country.

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Not only is he an amazing voice talent, he is a very nice guy! I attended a game at Minute Maid and happened to run into him, not knowing who I was speaking to at first. As the conversation progressed, I realized he was the voice I had been hearing for years! A sweet, articulate, and outgoing person, the Astros games at Minute Maid just wouldn't be the same without him!

mike Nielsen
mike Nielsen

Hey Bob Ford

Remember Engineering Mike Nielsen / KZFX / KLOL

hey give me a call 505-227-5056

love to hear from ya , all my family still live in Houston