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Best Steakhouse Houston 2008 - Del Frisco's

Del Frisco\'s

Del Frisco's

5061 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77056


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Readers' Choice: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse

Sure, this is the place to see and be seen, and it's been so ever since it opened its doors. Sure, the decor is superb (it was the most expensive build-out in the city's history). Sure, it's one of the largest restaurants in the city (it seats 400). Sure, it has the most expensive and extensive wine list in the city. None of these, however, are the reason to come here. You come to Del Frisco's for a big, honking piece of meat, expertly prepared, naked except for simple salt and pepper. Forget the to-die-for crab cakes. Forget the lobster. Forget the sautéed mushrooms or the potatoes or the creamed spinach. It's aged, corn-fed, straight from the Midwest meat cut to order — bone-in rib eye, porterhouse, Double Eagle strip (26-ounce, bone-in), filet mignon. Any questions?

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Reagan Stevens
Reagan Stevens

I have to say I absolutely disagree with ANY positive comment or review of Del Frisco's in Houston. I have LOVED Del Frisco's for years and have been to their locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Las Vegas. I couldn't wait until one of my very favorite places opened a location in my own city.I waited until they had been open for several weeks and went for dinner with a friend. The entire meal was a morbid disaster. Food, service, everything. It was awful and a miserable disappointment. In summary, we had shrimp peels in our shrimp appetizer, oyster shells and grit in our fried oysters, steaks were not properly cooked, there was a ROCK.. yes, a round solid ROCK in the mashed potatoes. One of the waiters ( new and poorly trained thug ) made a very inappropriate comment when I asked where was the restroom. The waitress tried her very best to control the disaster but when the managers ( yes, plural ) and the kitchen staff don't step up, there is little a server can do to salvage an entire meal. Ultimately, our bill, with a very nice bottle of wine, came out to just under $250 for two people. We did not ask for anything to be comped or adjusted but the ONLY OFFER from the manager on a disasterous beginning of that nature was a single slice of lemon cake to take home. We left the waitress a very generous tip to reassure her that we understood she did the best she could and we didn't place the blame on her for the poor performance of the overall operation. I wrote a very long and detailed email to the manager I know of another Del Friscos where I am known and have eaten many, many times for business and pleasure. I heard from the manager when he received the email and the next time I was in the restaurant he asked me if I had been contacted by anyone. I had not. That tells me that this restaurant is apparently dealing with so many complaints they simply cannot handle them OR they simply do not care. The verdict: Del Frisco's in other cities will likely be one of the most wonderful dining experiences you will ever have. HOUSTON'S DEL FRISCOS SUCKS. There's just no other way to say it. It's awful, they are a failure and the management simply does not get the concept of good food, good service and overall experience. In Houston, go to Capital Grille, The Palm, Flemming's, Pappa's and Perry's.. among others. Del Frisco's does NOT deserve your time or your money.


Maybe in a parallel universe this restaurant is ok. But I've been there three times and each time I found the service to be slow or the waiter got our orders wrong. Further, the prices are silly and the food isn't that great or interesting. Flemings, Capital Grille, and Pappa's steak houses, among others, offer much better value, ambience, service, and most importantly, food. Save yourself a mediocre dining experience in the galleria, and have a great dining experience in the galleria by going next door to Oceanaire.

End Hunger
End Hunger

And the General Manager has to be one of the friendliest around!