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Best Storage Facility Houston 2008 - BullsEye Storage

If you're an enterprising thief and want an easy score, look for a storage facility. Find one's that open 24 hours, and then rent the cheapest unit available for access. Show up around midnight with a pair of bolt cutters and have your way. However, you won't want to choose a storage facility that has surveillance cameras or infrared laser beams shooting around the perimeter of the building. So don't choose BullsEye Storage. The place is nuts about security and does, in fact, use infrared laser beams. Even if you're a paying customer, you need special permission to get in after 9 p.m. If you're just looking for a secure place to store your stuff, BullsEye is a safe bet. And if you need to hide or store something where humidity control is important, BullsEye has that, too.

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Nowadays, people’s needs become more and more sophisticated and that includes storage needs . Unlike before when we only need a place to store our items, with no control for temperature or surveillance cameras (so long as there is a guard at the guard post), nowadays, we find ourselves asking a lot of add on services from our storage providers. Even here in the Gold Coast, competition is becoming tougher and tougher. We battle not only in prices but premium services like packaging, etc, and even in customer service (after-sales, most importantly). Thus, it is always best for us to differentiate our services from others, and hopefully be able to satisfy our customers and have them keep coming back to us and refer more clients, too.