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Best Strip Club Houston 2008 - Treasures



5647 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77056


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Most people think strip clubs are all the same: parasitic businesses featuring emotionally damaged young women with fake boobs and daddy issues, clinically gyrating for the prurient pleasure of sad, gold-chain-wearing chodes whose frigid wives and fears of intimacy are enough to make them buy shockingly overpriced watered-down booze and pretend that the vacant-eyed vixens are actually interested in what they have to say. And, well, people are right. But, see, the difference between a bad strip club and a good one is that the latter really minimizes the inherent Pathetic Factor, so your soul doesn't feel dirty during the whole ordeal. A good strip club emphasizes the "it's all in good fun" and the "these girls aren't forced to be here, you know" ethos. And Treasures does that in spades. So go have fun — the icky feeling won't hit you until the next day, we promise!

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Mitch C.
Mitch C.

You know, God is one way you could go. I am going to try that if the strip club I go to tomorrow isn't satisfying. But if a 19-year old broad with low self-esteem who 'just can't find a nice guy' ends up grinding a whole in my chinos, I might pass.


The icky feeling may continue for a year or more as you try to put your marriage and morals back together. Try God, folks. There is a reason He gave the 10 Commandments, to save us from ourselves and months of pain and hurt! Stay true to the spouse of your youth!