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Best Tamales Houston 2008 - Alamo Tamale Factory

Alamo Tamale Factory

Alamo Tamale Factory

2310 Navigation

Houston, TX 77003


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There are two kinds of tamales to be found here: the machine-made kind, which aren't bad, and the handmade kind, which are unbelievable. Either way, you'll be given a paper bag containing your booty, since there's nowhere to eat them. Pick up a dozen handmade chicken or beef tamales or, best of all, six of each for $8. No two are exactly alike. The meat makes up more than half of these tamales, unlike some places where there's more masa than meat. The chicken and the beef fillings are coarsely cut, so you can easily tell what you're eating. Orders come with red or green salsa, which is almost unnecessary, since the tamales at Alamo Tamale Factory are already so moist.

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i'm happy with this pick too. i usually go to the one on berry rd and their breakfast tacos are super yummy.