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Best Tex-Mex Restaurant Houston 2008 - Los Dos Amigos

Los Dos Amigos

Los Dos Amigos

5720 Washington Ave.

Houston, TX 77007


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When Los Dos Amigos first opened 32 years ago, the sign above the building was red. The color has washed away over the years, and now you can barely read the name of the place. Los Dos Amigos is one of many restaurants on Washington Avenue that were built to serve the nearby Mexican barrio. The neighborhood has changed, but the humble little eatery still serves a disappearing variety of home-cooked Tex-Mex. Breakfast at Los Dos Amigos features hand-cut potatoes, homemade flour tortillas and silky refried beans. Don't embarrass yourself by asking if the tortillas and beans are made with lard. Of course they are. Breakfast tacos are 99 cents, and the breakfast specials are $3.25 until 10 a.m. For a true taste of yesteryear, order the cheese enchiladas topped with two fried eggs and raw onions.

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Los Dos Amigos is the best of a rapidly disappearing old style Mexican restaurant. Everything is very good there. I go for lunch at every opportunity.

kristin johnson
kristin johnson

We went here for dinner tonight based on this review, and man- did this place suck!!! I could put up with the run-down digs if the food was decent, but it wasn't. The enchiladas were bland, the queso tasted like melted velveeta without the rotel, my husband had pork carnitas and it was average at best. The worst was the guac. It tasted like it was made from those large Florida avacados and not small mexican ones. It was so bad that even my 5 year old wouldn't eat it.