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Best Vietnamese Houston 2008 - Que Huong

Que Huong

Que Huong

11201 Bellaire Blvd

Houston, TX 77072


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Readers' Choice: Mai's

Vietnamese Americans visiting Houston from the East and West coasts tell us there is nothing like Que Huong (pronounced WAY HONG) where they come from. They are blown away by the quality of the food and the cheap prices. Don't miss the hot Vietnamese egg rolls with cold lettuce leaf wrappers and fish sauce dip (#004), and the pan-fried squid (#273). The Vietnamese calamari comes with salt and preserved plum powder for dipping. (You squeeze lime juice onto the fried jumbo squid sticks before you dip them so that the salt sticks.) You can't miss with any of the pho soup bowls. And you probably won't like the bitter melon. Try the tempura softshell crab (#272). It comes to the table on a pile of romaine lettuce leaves with a plate of garnishes and a sweet and hot dipping sauce on the side. To eat it, you wrap a hot crunchy crab section in a cold lettuce leaf with some fresh herbs and cucumber, spritz it with lime juice and then dunk it in some sauce.

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Stop dumbing down the Vietnamese please. Americans can pronounce Vietnamese food properly if you teach them. I've taught thousands of people to say Fuh? properly instead of the offensive Fo. I hate it when VN people dumb it down when we don't have to.

Que Huong is NOT pronounced Way Hong. That's just ridiculous. The Q is a hard Q. It's pronounced Quay. All Americans can say Quay. The Ng phoneme makes the W sound, but the Q is just a Q.

The Huong is a little bit harder, but it's certainly not Hong. It's a stretched single syllable. It starts out with a Huh (like you just got punched), then you take the Uh and stretch it into the N and end with the G (very slight Ga sound).

I own a Fuh? restaurant and the other night had a Vietnamese kid come in ordering Fo. What the Fuh??? It's come to that my bretheren. I almost threw him out.