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Best Vintage Record Store Houston 2008 - Sound Exchange

Sound Exchange

Sound Exchange

1846 Richmond Ave.

Houston, TX 77098


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Sound Exchange has been slanging rare and collectible records to Houston's stone-cold junkies for years now. And those junkies have good reason to be repeat customers; the incredibly fresh selection and well-priced bins of '60s psychedelic music and soul are hard to beat. And the two owners are courteous enough — or fiendish enough — to regularly slip you some hip sounds from their secret stash. You'll most likely leave the place as high as can be with a fat sack of vinyl under your arm and a little coin left over in your wallet.

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John Tagen
John Tagen

Would you have or could you tell me where I can get a copy of the original soundtrack to the movie Down To Love, it is an instrumental, the movie starred Renee Zellwegger.oebf