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Best Wings Houston 2008 - Coozan's - CLOSED



474 Uvalde

Houston, TX 77015


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There's a sign near the register that says, "10 minutes to cook, 1 minute to shake on the sauce, 1 minute to serve, hot & fresh." This is their way of letting you know that all their wings are made to order, so be patient. The wait is definitely worthwhile. What makes these wings special is the sauce. The "Original Hot" is the starting point here, with the unmistakable flavor of Tabasco. From here you move to "Cajun Mojo," which adds a good heat level courtesy of cayenne pepper, and then to "Insanely Hot," which is sure to be a challenge to those who routinely enter jalapeño-eating contests. If spicy is not your bag, Coozan's also has a smooth Honey BBQ sauce and a Lemon Pepper that provide excellent alternatives.

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I have tried the wings here, but they were terrible - lukewarm, dry and they tasted like they'd been under a heat lamp for a couple of hours before they were served to me. It sort of makes me wonder if I caught them off their game or if anyone actually went to this place before writing the review. I'm just sayin'....