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Best 15 Minutes of Fame Houston 2009 - Hurricane Bear

When Hurricane Ike was destroying lives and property in Galveston, one man thought to himself, A-ha! I can use this! And that man was Jacob Calle, although he is probably better known as Hurricane Bear. That's because he donned a bear costume with a pink bowtie and moonwalked along a Galveston beach while TV news crews were surveying the damage. It got him on CNN and in The Wall Street Journal. He sold T-shirts from his Web site and made himself available for parties — but he also included a link to the Red Cross's Web site, so people could donate. It's an interesting idea, and we're eagerly awaiting the appearance of Hurricane Platypus.

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Actually, it was a girl in the bear costume.

Tom Bazan
Tom Bazan

Best Reporter: Matt Stiles

He raised Hell with the bureaucrats, until he moved on.