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Best Apartment Finder Houston 2009 - Jen Payne, Impression Realty

Jen Payne, Impression Realty

1515 Flanders Field Lane

Sugar Land, TX 77498


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Jen Payne was with another realty company when we went to her (twice, two years in a row, on opposite sides of the city), but both times she managed to find apartments within our price range that met our expectations and suited our changing needs. We had virtually no problems at either place, and the problems that did pop up were handled efficiently and with consideration. It's a gift to know how to point people toward what they want and avoid the duds, and Payne has it.


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Jen Payne
Jen Payne

I am sincerely appreciative of this Houston Press and I am so glad I was able to assist in finding you your perfect apartment twice! My new email (Thanks Jessica for sharing) is

Thanks again!



Wow! Great job Jeny! I also used Jen when she was with another locating company and she did an amazing job. Her email is If you're looking to move inside the city, and need the latest info on what to do and where to go, she has it all!