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Best Barber Houston 2009 - Nish at Miracle Hair

Nish at Miracle Hair

8624 S. Braeswood Blvd.

Houston, TX 77031


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As the only woman on a large staff in a popular shop in a Fiesta shopping center, where guys in wifebeaters congregate outside in the middle of the afternoon, Nish has to be good. Loyal patrons say her female touch creates a cut like no other. Laid-back and reserved, Nish listens carefully to her clients, then adds a woman's perspective on what looks good, as the result always does. "She knows how to keep you straight," one customer says. Nish can handle any kind of hair, and keep it healthy, along with your skin — she's even known to sway wary clients into getting a facial.

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What's the "wife beater" reference about? That comment takes away from the salon and Nish.