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Best BLT Sandwich Houston 2009 - Dacapo's Pastry Cafe

Dacapo\'s Pastry Cafe

Dacapo's Pastry Cafe

1141 E. 11th St.

Houston, TX 77009


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A pastry cafe with the best BLT? Really? Yes, really. The folks at Dacapo's may specialize in sweets, but they certainly kick butt when it comes to savory sandwiches. Piled high on toasted whole wheat bread is the perfect slathering of mayo, lettuce, thick-cut sliced tomatoes and bacon so perfectly cooked — crispy yet full of fat and salty flavor — you'll want to rush into the kitchen to get a peek at just how they do it. Add a pickle and a cup of homemade potato salad, and it's easy to understand why lunchtime at Dacapo's resembles the running of the bulls. Best to order ahead.

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The Big Club!! One of many of the great sandwiches at Dacapo's.. My personal favorite is the Sante Fe Turkey (Mango Chutney Mayo is awesome!!!), but the Club is good, no doubt! @Josh Palmer.. not sure if you were having a bad day, or maybe YOU'RE smoking crack, but they have been packed everyday at lunchtime for 17 years for a reason!! Can't please everyone I guess!

Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer

No offense, but whoever voted for this place as having the best BLT must be smoking crack. The place is a dump... and the BLT is mediocre at best. There's absolutely nothing special or unique about it... and if I had to guess, some intern with a pothead's palate suggested it. You REALLY should actually look into these picks before telling all of Houston to check them out.