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Best Cajun Restaurant Houston 2009 - BB's Cajun Cafe

BB\'s Cajun Cafe

BB's Cajun Cafe

2710 Montrose

Houston, TX 77007


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Readers' Choice: Ragin Cajun

BB's Cajun Cafe isn't entirely Cajun. Sure, the oyster poor boy with big, gooey crusted oysters is plenty Cajun. And so are the "Bedtime in the Bayou" shrimp sandwich and the spicy battered soft-shell crab on a roll. But the roast beef and gravy poor boy is pure New Orleans. So is the restaurant's most popular entrée, "Maw Maw's Grillades and Grits," a bowl full of deep brown gravy with tender round steak and a mound of grits. The "Southern Man" breakfast of fried catfish, grits and poached eggs is more like Mississippi Southern cooking. And the big donut-like beignets are Tex-Mex Creole, according to Brooks Bassler, the owner. The "Tex-Cajun Virgin," a plate of hot-out-of-the-fryer shoestring fries topped with roast beef slices, brown gravy and lots of chile con queso, is all by itself some new category of fusion cuisine that the rest of the world has yet to discover. And it sure tastes good.

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Wow, BB's is awesome. The fried fish and shrimp have a very light and crispy breading and the gumbo has a very deep and rich roux. My wife had the poboy and the roll was perfect, a bit to the tooth initailly and then very soft and light as you get to the goodies. I have eaten cajun throughout Louisiana and this will stand up to just about anything I have had. Also, the waitress was great, very friendly and charming...I can't wait to go back...


Calling this restaurant the best Cajun place in town genuinely shows a lack of an appreciation for Cajun food from the dining staff! It serves decent food but is only vaguely cajun influenced. If you come here looking for Gumbo, you will strike out.

Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim

As someone who recently moved to Korea, I made sure to have my last lunch in Houston at BB's. The Morning Magic with the eggs scrambled is heaven between bread. It's so good I ordered it twice in one day. It also is a much, much, much, much better late-night option (open til 3) than Katz's.

Shut Up and Eat!
Shut Up and Eat!

It's an excellent little joint, and their menu item "Montrose Madness*" might be the best icky-double-entendre food item in town.

(*It's a sausage with chili on it.)