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Best Coffee House Houston 2009 - The Coffee Groundz - CLOSED

The Coffee Groundz

The Coffee Groundz

2503 Bagby St.

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Antidote

Whether it's Tweeting its fool head off or hosting a "Geek Gathering," Coffee Groundz is one damn fine coffeehouse. Ridiculously great coffee, free whiplash Wi-Fi and a wide selection of beer — all CG really needs is a bank of showers and a few cots to fully cover all the needs of the modern man. Its location in the heart of the ever-evolving Midtown district also makes it an ideal date spot, if only to separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff.

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Seriously? I went there today on your recommendation and was very disappointed that an alternative publication would ever endorse this place. This place was absolutely the most pretentious place I have ever been to. They might as well have had the velvet ropes at the door checking everybody's spray tan. Not sure of the place's history but it looked and felt like a gutted out Starbucks and the service wasn't any better. On a positive note the coffee, despite being way over packaged, was quite good. At least I had some decent espresso in hand as I hauled ass back to Montrose.

J.R. Cohen
J.R. Cohen

Many thanks to Everyone at Houston Press and to the Fans of CGz. Cheers #SLGT