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Best Community Newspaper Houston 2009 - The Seabreeze News

Readers' Choice: Houston Press

Too many community newspapers like to portray the places they cover as they would like them to be rather than as they really are. Not so The Seabreeze News. Publisher Gator Miller and Editor Steve Hoyland are muckrakers in the classical sense, and most issues feature investigative reporting of vital import to "Sunny San Leon," their two-fisted little "quaint drinking village with a serious fishing problem." In June, the paper broke the story about neighboring Texas City's secret plan to saddle the small unincorporated town with a huge sewage treatment plant; the month before that, the paper probed into the affairs of a local developer. But it's not all Woodward and Bernstein in the Seabreeze. There are plentiful fishing reports, humorous nuggets buried in the classifieds, and a police blotter complete with plenty of mug shots and smart-ass asides. And then there's "Dear Steve from Sunny San Leon," Hoyland's curmudgeonly Dear Abby-style mail-in column that has the potential to cause the spontaneous combustion of anyone with a shred of political correctness to them.

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Dale Elliott
Dale Elliott


What happened to the 1970’s? The age of peace, love, and rock ‘n roll. It was a time when people could more or less trust each other, or so we thought. But believe it or not, those hippie trends didn’t just go up in smoke. Truth is they sold us out. The hippies went on to become our nation’s most corrupt lawmakers, driving our economy into the dirt and burdening our youth with a frightening debt they can never pay.

The hippies became glamorous bankers who favored repeal of the 1934 Glass-Steagall Act which flushed our country’s finances out to sea. The beloved flower children also went on to become cunning lawyers who formed special interests groups allowing the politicians to vote themselves above the law. They actually pardon themselves from crime. These once peaceful demonstrators have mutated into doctors who charge unreasonable fees and formed powerful pharmaceutical companies who cannot be sued when they manufacture a harmful drug. They run the insurance companies who pry deep into our budgets and never really settle a claim fairly. Hippies own big Wall Street companies that outsourced our blue collar jobs to other countries. They are media executives who push trance induced advertising. Some even preach of God using toll free donation lines. And now those pony tail bandits control the price of gasoline. Rumor has it the hippies want our currency changed to read ‘In Gold We Trust’. However, after all has been said and done the peace, love, and understanding they once piped was just a fraud better known as greed, pride, and selfishness.

How could a generation so prominent in both number and influence sit idly back while the laws of this land pick our pockets? Most hippies read the depressing headlines just like their parents did. But I for one am embarrassed to be part of the Woodstock wonders who have caused America’s demise. The entitlement programs in place today only reflect the true art of irresponsibility. It’s shameful but the hippies have been so skillful as to even trick the world into buying our debt. But worse yet it’s a burden our children can never pay. No wonder so many college kids today believe World War is on the horizon. The hippies sure haven’t sung much if anything to help prevent that though. Have they?

Still it is not too late to change. Even a hippie can start over. Surely if we can invade the Middle East for oil we can shred the pork belly laws written after 1969. Our smartest professors could easily frame new laws to yield sensible justice. At least at this point it’s pretty safe to say that politicians are of no use. Perhaps the entire political system should be thrown out and rebuilt by today’s brightest minds. A new world order as they say. Maybe someday an individual’s vote really will count. Anyhow, I think our founding fathers would agree that it’s time we come together as a whole again.

So if you are an aging hippie over 50 it’s about time to grow up and face accountability. Take peaceful action by calling town meetings and get involved with reform. Our future depends on you more than you know. With a little effort maybe by 2020 we will all see clearly again.

By Dale