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Best Cosmetic Dentist Houston 2009 - Ronald Konig, DDS, FAGD

Readers' Choice: Floss

You might want to don sunglasses before walking into Ronald Konig's cosmetic dental practice: The smiles there are dazzlingly bright. One patient reports that losing a front tooth — horrifying, yet not uncommon when an old root canal mummifies — was made far less traumatic by Konig and his team, who produced a comfortable and attractive "flipper" (mini denture) before the new implant could be installed. Meticulous care is taken to size your own personal super-bleaching trays, and Konig also focuses on neuromuscular dentistry, a.k.a. TMJ. A bonus to the location near the Med Center is his proximity to an excellent oral surgeon and periodontist, Stephen C. Watson, DDS, just down the hall on the same floor. Together, they work efficiently to ensure your new teeth are stable and gawgeous.

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When I was little I was missing both of my front teeth for quite some time. Even for Christmas. It was pretty funny. Obviously my teeth did grow in, but I can't imagine how it would be to be missing any of my adult teeth due to not taking care of my teeth and gums. If I were to lose a tooth, I would probably get a dental implant. Which would require a good periodontist.


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