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Best Costume Shop Houston 2009 - Vintage Oasis

Vintage Oasis

Vintage Oasis

1512 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Frankel's

When Halloween rolls around, or any event when a costume is needed, there are two ways to go. The first is the slut-and-companion method. Slutty nurse and patient. Slutty cop and criminal. That kind of thing. The other route is to get creative, and if that's the way you roll, there's no better place than Vintage Oasis, a Montrose shop packed tight with so much clothing that it's hard to move around in the place. There are the pre-made and packaged costumes, but not many. The bulk of the garb is organized by decade when the style was popular, and you can find everything from wedding dresses to tuxedoes to fur coats. There are also accessories like sunglasses and bracelets and wigs, and there are even a few crates of old records. Be sure to pet the cats.

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I heartily disagree with this award. Vintage Oasis is an extremely cluttered house with overpriced, damaged garments and sticking of cat urine. Seriously, after 10 minutes in here I had to leave because of the smell. Best costume store in Houston - FRANKEL'S


Yes, This place is GREAT! Better quality than the norm. However, she only has wedding dresses come in once in a great while. But Vintage Clothing & Costumes galore!