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Best Democrat Houston 2009 - Sheriff Adrian Garcia

Readers' Choice: Bill White

Longtime Republican control of basically all countywide offices resulted in a lot of stagnation, good-ol'-boy indifference and a resistance to change. (Note: This would have happened under longtime Democratic control, too.) Nowhere was it worse than in the Harris County Sheriff's Office, a place entirely distrusted by many minority residents. Harassment by officers, a jail where inmates tended to die under mysterious circumstances and a leadership that reacted über-defensively to the slightest criticism had left the department in rough shape. Former city councilman (and former Houston cop) Adrian Garcia took over the office in January and has been a breath of fresh air. When sheriff's deputies were accused of harassing a Sikh family, he went to a Sikh temple to talk about it. He's still in the phase where he can blame problems on predecessors — we'll see how he reacts to criticism when it's clearly aimed at him — but Garcia has made an impressive start in a department that sorely needed it.

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Dee Carolina
Dee Carolina

Way to go Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Hats off to you and your staff. Thanks for implementing dignity, respect and fairness to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

You make Harris County Residents feel safer and proud!!

Again, thank you and keep up the good work!!