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Best Dim Sum Houston 2009 - Fung's Kitchen

Fung\'s Kitchen

Fung's Kitchen

7320 Southwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77074


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At Fung's Kitchen, the dumplings are fresher, the seaweed is crunchier and you can get signature killed-to-order seafood items like scallops in their shells straight from the aquarium during dim sum service. You might do a double take when you walk in the door — if it looks like the restaurant has gotten bigger, it has. Cleverly disguised within the red fabric and golden dragon decorations on the wall at one end of the dining room, there is a set of doors that roll back into the wall revealing an identical dining room beyond. And in that dining room there's another wall and another set of doors. During dim sum service on the weekends, the dining room is expanded to its full capacity these days. Chef and owner Hoi Fung comes from a long line of Hong Kong chefs. And Hong Kong is the capital of dim sum.

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If you want Dim Sum all week long, look no further than DIM SUM HK (Hong kong) in West Houston on Bellaire Blvd. Great fresh dim sum cooked to order and don't have to wait for the weekend to enjoy. Dinner for 2? 15 bucks plus tips easy. Can't beat that. They are quick and everything is prepared right. Can't beat the Har gaw


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