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Best Gelato Houston 2009 - Trentino Gelato

Readers' Choice: Trentino Gelato

Marcelo Kreindel's greatest wish after moving to America from Argentina eight years ago was that he would once again be able to enjoy a gelato like he used to love at home. And four years ago, he decided to make that dream come true. Kreindel founded Trentino Gelato, which has steadily become the most sought-after supplier of gelato and sorbet in Houston. His dazzling selection — aside from the standard dulce de leche, he also creates flavors like fig with walnuts, wild Texas honey, caramel popcorn and guanabana — and use of local and seasonal ingredients make his gelato the best indulgence in town (and it's healthier than ice cream, to boot). Although without a traditional store for now, Trentino Gelato can be found at local farmers' markets, shops like Coffee Groundz and Cricket's Creamery and stores like the Midtown Spec's, as well as high-end restaurants like Glass Wall, Reef, The Grove and t'afia.

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Sofia Perches
Sofia Perches

I lived in Buenos Aires and ate gelato daily. Trentino Gelato is truly the Best in Houston and would be the Best in Buenos Aires if it were there! Bravo Marcelo!