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Best Greek Restaurant Houston 2009 - Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen

Yia Yia Mary\'s Greek Kitchen

Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen

4747 San Felipe

Houston, TX 77056


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Although no Greek restaurant in Houston has it all, Yia Yia Mary's comes the closest. Once you get past the noise and the lack of intimacy, you'll find the Pappas family serving up some insanely tasty classics, including buttery spanakopita, creamy taramosalata and the ever-popular saganaki. The gyro, which is respectable, gets a needed boost from thick, hand-cut, herbed fries. Roasted and grilled meats and seafood are highly reminiscent of what you'd find in Greece, and the rustic "Cretan-style seafood" with a side of olive bread is delicious. Fresh, warm pita, huge portions and a $10 Greek wine flight will leave you satisfied and ready to hop on a plane to the islands.

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OMG are you kidding me that place is aweful!!! PFHHH yes its owned by Pappas (Greek) but the food is just terrible and the waitstaff blows too!! Why wasnt Niko Nikos put on here COME ON REALLY!!!


Emphatically, a bug-up-your-ass in the Shirley Mc sense that you'd not name Niko Niko's for anything. What's with the dis of Niko's? Too popular for you? You haven't done it first? Can't talk with them? This grudge is truly juvenile. Grow the fuck up!


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