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Best Icehouse Houston 2009 - Sheffield's Ice House

Sheffield\'s Ice House

Sheffield's Ice House

5118 Telephone Road

Houston, TX 77087


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We've all been to West Alabama Icehouse and Jimmie's, and fine icehouses they are. But here we're suggesting one that harks back to the days of the fatally hard-drinking Eagle Pennell's cult 1983 movie Last Night at the Alamo. Sheffield's Ice House was founded in 1942 and has been standing guard on the same Telephone Road corner in the Golfcrest subdivision ever since. Inside, you'll find the usual icehouse staples — a jukebox stocked with plenty of country, blues and Southern and classic rock, a table piled high with potluck ribs and potato salad and such, and beer, lots and lots of ice cold beer.

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Great Wed happy hours $1.25 beer. The owner Mark is a cool dude who will help you out, even if he was a yankee at one time

Elena Medina Olivarez
Elena Medina Olivarez

"I LOVE THIS BARRR my kind a place", wheewww thank goodness I work here. Thank you to my boss Mr. Hall for running this bar and having us bad azz tenders, come by and visit me and my handsome boss, love Dahliah, Melissa and Elena

Umm this cold beer is collddddddd!!!