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Best Italian Restaurant Houston 2009 - Da Marco

Da Marco

Da Marco

1520 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Da Marco

For years, Marco Wiles has been delivering uncompromising Northern Italian cuisine to the appreciative masses. Some people have even complained that he is too Italian, with a menu that requires a dictionary to decode. However, his outstanding waitstaff is always ready to lend a hand. With an atmosphere reminiscent of a fine trattoria, Da Marco is as authentic as an Italian restaurant outside of Italy gets. You won't find dishes like grilled octopus with peppers, black truffle risotto or Chianti-braised short ribs on the menu anywhere else in town.

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It's just fair: Marco is turning out stuff that Tony or Damian might have sent someone abroad to find out about. We're lucky to have a restaurant like this after so much cheesiness and same-stuff boredom. To correct: Da Marco is more pan-Italian than Northern Italian. Yes, he's from Friuli in the north, but his food draws from all regions of Italy...which is one reason it's a lot more fun than the rest.