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Best Laundromat Houston 2009 - D & S Coin Laundry Wash-Fold

D & S Coin Laundry Wash-Fold

1613 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77006


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Nothing fancy here — and we appreciate that. It's $1.25 per load in (often) old machines that can shake like they're possessed, and three or four quarters in the scalding hot dryers usually gets the job done fast (careful about burning your threads, though). The set-up is drab; the arcade games are kind of depressing. But here's what makes the place stand out: The attached (and modestly priced) wash-and-fold means there's always someone on hand to field a complaint, keep the lights on an extra five minutes or, most thankfully, make change for a $20 bill — a far cry from the faceless, coin-sucking misery of most Laundromats. As an additional bonus, the place is centrally located on the bustling hipster thoroughfare of Westheimer, allowing one to pass time with a drink at nearby Poison Girl or do some people-watching (or mocking) at the countless clothing exchanges down the street.

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What kind of best of is this? That the place has a person there folding so does my local one and that doesn't mean it's the best. I expected a better BEST OF than this but I guess that you guys don't know what that means.