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Best Local TV Anchor Houston 2009 - Gina Gaston, KTRK

Readers' Choice: Dave Ward, KTRK

Until fairly recently, news anchors in the Houston market tended to stay in their jobs until full fossilization had set in. Nowadays they seem to change faces quicker than a channel-surfing dude switches channels. Which means Gina Gaston, who was once an utter newcomer, is now a reassuring longtime presence. She's paired with the ultimate anchor survivor, Dave Ward, and neatly balances his tendency toward Ted Baxter-ism with a welcoming warmth. Gaston knows the town well and conveys a professional, smooth presence on the air, even as she sometimes has to deal with the more outrageous ratings-bait that editors come up with. Here's hoping she never gets caught up in the change-anchors-every-month trend.

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Are you kidding me? She can barely read the teleprompter and she emphasizes every fifth syllable regardless of whether or not it is appropriate to do so!!! I can hardly stand to watch Gina Gaston- I only put up with her because of Dave Ward. Melanie Lawson is SO MUCH BETTER.