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Best Local TV News Houston 2009 - KTRK

You'd think, with the way Channel 13's news broadcasts tend to consistently have solid ratings, that the operation would get talked about more than it does. Channel 11 tends to get kudos for being a serious, relatively sober newscast, Channel 2 gets buzz with wild antics, and Fox and 39...don't generally get watched at all. But 13 gets its ratings because it has become comfort food to Houstonians, in a good way. Even as anchors change (although timeless Dave Ward stays on board), we keep watching because we know we'll get a wild Wayne Dolcefino investigation, good weather information and some of the most experienced street reporters in town. The glory days of Marvin Zindler and "Sliiiime in the ice machine!!" are but a rosy memory, but 13 still keeps pumping out a broadcast that deserves the viewers it gets.

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GO KTRK!!!!!!!!! Truly the best!

Double D
Double D

39 and Fox don't get watched? Last I saw a ratings sheet... Fox frequently plows over the antics at Ch2... and they do it with half the staff. Do some research before you put things in writing. I agree with Ch13 being a great, solid newscast though.