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Best Mohawk Technician Houston 2009 - Ambrose Cardenas, Joe Lee's Barber Shop

Ambrose Cardenas, Joe Lee's Barber Shop

1925 Milam St.

Houston, TX 77002


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Marines, skinheads and head-lice victims all agree: There's nothing like having your head shaved. The warm lather, the feel of a razor (preferably a straight razor) scraping over your scalp, the sting of the post-shave tonic on your freshly shaved pate — it's the tonsorial equivalent of a deep-tissue massage. For those of us who prefer to leave an inch-wide, inch-high strip straight down the middle, nobody etches a finer Mohawk than Ambrose Cardenas at Joe Lee's Barber Shop downtown. Shortly after we moved to Houston, we wandered into Joe Lee's wondering if anyone in town would be able to touch up our 'Hawk; the soft-spoken, laid-back Cardenas didn't bat an eye and told us to have a seat. We've been going ever since, and only wish we could figure out a way to make our hair grow faster.

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Actually, Ambrose is back at Joe Lee's Barbershop now, 1925 Milam St. (713) 622-3883. Great barber - I'd recommend him to anyone.

Mark Luna
Mark Luna

My boy Ambrose used to fade me up in High School. I knew he was bigtime - even back then! Good job Bro!Mark Luna

Josie Carranza
Josie Carranza

I was going nuts tring to find Ambrose Cardenas!! For of you lost sheep!!! Ambrose is at MidTown Hair Studio 1215 O'Neil number 713-528-6777, If you have trouble finding them go to and type the salon name to get directions Very nice studio cute bungalow salon.Yea he is the best barber in town!!!!!!!JC