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Best Place to Buy Guns Houston 2009 - Collectors Firearms

Collectors Firearms

Collectors Firearms

3301 Fondren

Houston, TX 77063


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Chances are, if you buy a lot of guns, you probably have a favorite gun shop, but even if you do, you'll be doing yourself a favor by checking out Collectors Firearms. The place is stocked full of any pistol, rifle or shotgun you could want and a whole bunch that you probably didn't know existed. If you're the militia type, the store has assault rifles that could push back the IRS. Going for the kingpin look? There are enough engraved .45's and 9 mm's to outfit the Gulf Cartel. And, of course, it's not called Collectors Firearms for nothing: There are a couple pistols that could get you an E series Benz (with the V-8) and at least one Colt revolver that would buy you a two-bedroom in the Heights. Seriously.

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keith braaten
keith braaten

looking for berreta 20 gauge o/ualso a calico 9mm rifle