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Best Place to Meet Single Men Houston 2009 - Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park

501 Crawford

Houston, TX 77002


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Readers' Choice: Pub Fiction

"But I hate sports!" is what you are saying right about now. You may scoff at going to Minute Park looking for single men because you don't exactly dig on baseball. But there really is nothing to being an Astros fan. Games can be as good as movies, with moments of tears, laughter, utter infatuation, crazy wardrobe changes and hilarious misunderstandings — like when Cecil Cooper doesn't pull a pitcher out of an inning even though he's given up seven runs. There are men galore walking around the Juice Box, and if there's anything that cheers dudes up after Albert Pujols uses the Crawford Boxes as a target, it's female company. Well, that and an open tab at Larry's Big Bamboo. And maybe one of those little baseball helmets filled with ice cream.

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