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Best Place to Watch Fútbol Houston 2009 - Richmond Arms Pub

Richmond Arms Pub

Richmond Arms Pub

5920 Richmond

Houston, TX 77057


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How do we know this place is for real? For one, the doors will open at 6 a.m. when necessary for the local fanatics to catch Arsenal and Man U live on the giant projection screen. (Worry not, latecomers: There are enough smaller TVs scattered around to provide every seat with a view.) And the edge of the manly bar is weathered enough to suggest many a pair of elbows propped up for hours on end during hard-fought wins, heartbreaking losses and wimpy European ties. The massive pub can be found from afar by following the British flag set at full mast above the sprawl of Richmond Avenue. There's a substantial array of worldly beers on tap — from Hefeweizen and Old Speckled Hen to Anchor Steam to Fuller's Porter — and enough old-country accents to make one wary of calling it "soccer." Full English breakfasts are served on weekends, and the menu also features the bangers and mash, fish and chips, hearty meat pies and roasts of the day to build up a full English belly.

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Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim

I've been a regular at the Arms since I turned 21, in 2003. The waitstaff and bartenders are people I consider friends over the years. It truly is a bar that relies heavily on regulars who are on a first-name basis there and the staff always remembers what I like to drink.

I will also go out on a limb and say that they have the best hamburgers in town- try the Big Ben.

The Arms is very cozy and comfortable for those who enjoy meeting foreigners of all kinds, mainly Europeans. The majority of the deep conversations I've had took place over a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale here.