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Best Pool Service Houston 2009 - Sweetwater Pool & Patio

Sweetwater Pool & Patio

4528 Bissonnet St.

Bellaire, TX 77401


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Sweetwater Pool & Patio is aces at pool cleaning, repairs or remodeling. Need a pool refinished, but dread the ordeal of draining, refilling and all the horrendous chaos in between? Manager Cesar Tena and his crew sweep in and out, leaving nothing behind but a sparkly, concave pearl of a hole in the ground. Tena will patiently walk his clients through the how-tos of caring for a swimming pool, and his cleaning services are prompt and thorough. The storefront has the cleaning and upkeep materials you'd expect, but — no doubt owing to its Bellaire location — considerably more pool accessories. The "Patio" portion offers up some juicy barbecue accessories as well.

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Desiree Tena
Desiree Tena

Sweetwater Pool and Patio do there best to make their comsumers happy.

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