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Best Psychic Houston 2009 - Diane Gremmel

You usually have to be a psychic to find a good psychic — but we've done the legwork for you: Diane Gremmel, a medium who teaches psychic development courses at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment Health Center & Spa, really cares about mentoring people. "There's no such thing as bad info, just info that's out of time," she says. Gremmel's client readings are empowering, and she doesn't rely on parlor tricks like using info easily found on Google. Plus, she looks like an angel. Look for her also the first Saturday of each month at Marva's Alternative Health & Psychic Fairs, at the La Quinta Inn Galleria, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Hi my name is Sara Johnson, I kept finding supossed psychics who only wanted to rip me off. Then one day I was at walmart and over heard a conversation about one in Alvin. So I asked about who they was speaking about. One handed me a card and told me to tell Pamela, Sherry, sent me. I called Pamela, made an appointment & went too see her. She is phenomenal! She is the real deal & had my jaw dropping in the 1st few moments I was there. So if your looking for a real true psychic you will definately want to call her shes even better then Sylvia Brown her web address is please tell her Sara sent you.....


There is such a thing as bad info when you get a person who thinks they are a psychic or just trying to be one to feed off of people. There are only a handful in a one place at a time that are true ones. Not look in the phone book and see 50 of them listed. REAL TRUE ONES ARE HARD TO FIND. I'm a paranormal investigator and i can tell you how many phoonies are out there.


My friend and I are looking to get some answers with regards to our career path. We

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