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Best Service Houston 2009 - Barnaby's Cafe

Barnaby\'s Cafe

Barnaby's Cafe

602 Fairview St.

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Tony's

Although any one of the four Barnaby's locations will offer you unrivaled service, the original location — tucked away in a residential area in Montrose off Fairview — still sets the bar. Despite long waits on weekends and occasionally cramped quarters inside (especially when you're dining at Baby Barnaby's next door), the waitstaff are never anything short of charming and gracious. Between complimenting your hairstyle, telling your grandmother how glorious she looks today, recommending their favorite dishes and always getting your order perfect, the staff always offer excellent service. And employees appear to love the place just as much: Anecdotes have flown for years of high-end maître d's attempting to lure Barnaby's crew members to "greener pastures" and failing every time.

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I chose to have my 40th birthday party there because of their service! Original Barnaby's ROCKS. I love all of the servers there, but I especially love Kamal, Danielle, Anna, Ryan, Christy, and Matthew. I do not go to the other Barnaby's around town because their service lacks a personal touch.


Uh..seriously?? I stopped going here BECAUSE of the service -- terrible service! Snooty and tiresome waitstaff and bland food.