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Best Sign Houston 2009 - The Colorado

The Colorado

The Colorado

6710 SW Freeway

Houston, TX 77074


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For ages, this old-school neon giant has been acting as a sort of oversize bug-light, beckoning dudes who're down with seeing a little T&A. But even if you've never stepped foot inside the strip club, it's hard to ignore the tacky charm and majesty of a sign that appears to have time-traveled from some Vegas casino circa 1969. It's a stark reminder of when a sign was a sign. When a sign had the cojones to blot out everything else in sight. This sign looks like it should be wearing a leisure suit, with the wide-collared shirt exposed to reveal a huge fake gold medallion nestled in a thick patch of shag-carpet-like chest hair. This sign would ask you if you're into wife-swapping. And because it's so damn awesome, you'd probably say "yes."

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I thought it was so weird after hurricane Ike when the lights where still out it looked like a cross.

marky mark
marky mark

This sign is an ejaculating penis. Drive by it at night in all its lighted glory and tell me it isn't an ejaculating penis.