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Best Spanish Restaurant Houston 2009 - Oporto



3833 Richmond

Houston, TX 77027


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Oporto has a great selection of tapas at very reasonable prices, even when happy hour isn't in effect. And though the name implies Portugal, the menu reflects the spirit of Spain. Spanish and Portuguese wines pair nicely with a diverse list of meats and cheeses. The small plates here are well apportioned, and the sangria is always a solid choice. Salada do mar, an interesting twist on ceviche, is fresh and generous, and daily specials are usually fantastic if you get there before they're sold out. Flavorful pizzette and panini are filling and the perfect snack before heading to a movie at Edwards Cinema across the street. Although you won't find paella here most days — Sunday is paella night — you'll walk away happy nonetheless.

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I had to chuckle at the previous comment, Oporto offers Portuguese cuisene, not Spanish. Porto is a city in Northern Portugal. Having clarified that though, I must say I cannot endorse doing business with a dishonorable merchant. Oporto sold us a coupon through and then failed to honor it. The coupon was still valid and we met all the obligations. But, AFTER we finished our meal, they informed us they chose to not honor their obligations that we should seek a refund from with


Thanks much, but I'll drive to Rioja on Westheimer. They don't look at you with a shrug, deer-in-the-headlights look when you order real Spanish food. And the wine is actually good and (gasp) cheap. Oporto is mediocre for your money, unless you can't leave the loop to experience real Spanish food and wine.